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keith wilson's Journal
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Wednesday, July 5th, 2006
10:57 am
how i got to have pasta salad for lunch
ok. didn't sleep last night. so at about 5 am. i made a pot of coffee as per normal when i miss a night of sleep. i drink said coffee with much smoking of cigarettes. woke phill up for work with much gusto. then had more coffee with more cigarettes. 15 min later i wake phill again. i shower, dress, and brush my teeth. i wake phill again. phill wakes up and gets ready for work. i have coffee while taking an online quiz regarding my similarity to video game samurai. phill and i leave for work. i drink coffee and smoke while riding to work. BOOM! car explodes, well the front right tire of the car explodes. phill makes it to a side road. fortunately we have a spare and jack so i jack the car while phill retrieves the spare. phill then points out that we have no tire iron. as it turns out we are near a construction zone so phill wanders off and i continue to jack. phill comes back with a tire iron, then frowns and says "we need to remove the nuts before jacking , pud". I sigh and unjack the car. we remove the lug nuts with a mighty effort and jack the car up only to find out the tire will not budge. phill calls his father, jack (a gentleman of great life experience), for advice. Mr. green the senior informs phill that this indeed has happened to him before and he used a torch to free the tire. seeing as we do not have a torch handy and the construction teams seem to be carpenters we opt not to fix the tire at this time. after a brief debate we decide to walk home as opposed to walking to work with no known means of transit home. it's not so bad outside,in fact i find it quite fantastical to wander about the countyside while the motorists zooming by go to day full of boring unfulfilling drudgery. seeing as how phill has not had lunch yet we detour into a shop and save to purchase lunch. after much conversing regarding the sorry state of todays baked goods phill opts for the italian flat bread. we then walk to the gas station across the street for a beverage the station did not have a juice product for phill so he grumbled and bought a soda instead. we then proceeded walking home. on the road phill ties his bread to his pants and proclaims that he now has fashionable bread. we laugh and continue on. after and hour or so of congenial conversation at a pleasent pace. we stop to call holly ,a co-worker, for the number to HR so that we might report our misshap. we had no such luck holly did not respond. we continue on and chance upon a small pond will tall reeds. within the reeds i spy a wonderful flash of orange. it's an oriel. a bird i have not seen in ages. i stop for a bit to let phill catch up ,and enjoy the rare site. we contine on until we cross into a trailer park where phill knows someone. he needs to use the restroom he proclaims. no one is home so we continue through the trailer park. we have been walking for about 2 hours now and i begin to feel faint. i look down and see mt skin has turned a bright shape of pink. oh no i realize i have the first symptoms of sun stroke. i let my hair down to cover more of my skin, in the hope i can hold off an attack before we get home. as we walk past a local high school my endorphines kick in and i'm feel'n great. like this i can walk forever time and space becomes irrelevent. i am he that can be at many places at once. i snap out of it and find myself walking next to phill near a golf course. there is a tunnel that connects the course, it runs underneath the street. phill comments that it would be great to come back hear at night with some music,deer,and paint and have a party in the tunnel. i question phill liking for venison and he states he said beer not deer. we walk on. we cut across another trailer park only to discover a wonderful small creek seperating us and our destination. we ford the creek with ease and continue on . we crest a hill and spy a mobil. i ask phill is that our mobil phill. he responds " we dont live by a mobil pud. we live next to a u gas and QT". i know we're close now. we contine walking for 20 min or so and the most beautiful red QT sign appers around the bend. i quicken my pace untill i reach my abode. i walk in and fresh AC hits my sweat speckeld face. i have 2 glasses of water as i promised my self i would, and treat myself to a cup of chai. while meditating on the taste of spice and tea a wonderfull idea sprang to mind PASTA SALAD! i began boiling water with eggs and started typing this story. when the water was boiling i added pasta to the water and eggs. after a few min phill informed me the pasta was probably done. i drained the pasta. seating it aside to cool. i choped 1/4 onion, 2 stalks celery,1 dill pickle, 1/4 tablespoon freash basil,and 1/4 bell pepper. i then finely grate a carrot and addit with the rest of the vegatables. i prepare a dressing of 1/2 cup mayo,2 tablespoons sour cream, 1 teaspoon mustard. added oregano,basil,pepper,ans salt to taste. with much gusto phill and i conssumed the salad while plaing heros 3.

and yes i wrote the title for this before starting to write this.

Current Mood: accomplished
Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005
8:05 pm
Thanksgiving bash invite
..-. --- .-. / - .... --- ... . / -. --- - / .. -. / - .... . / -.- -. --- .-- ---... / ... - --- .--. / .- -.. -.. .-. . ... ... / .. ... / .---- --... / -.- .. -. --. ... -- --- -. - / -.-. - / ... - / .--. . - . .-. ... / -- --- ---... / ... - --- .--. / ..-. --- .-. / - .... --- ... . / .-- .... --- / -.-. .- -. / -. --- - / ..- ... . / -- .- .--. / .- -. .. / ..--- ....- ----- -....- ..... -.... ...-- ....- ---... / ... - --- .--. / .- .-.. .-.. / .. -. ...- .. - . -.. ---... / ... - --- .--. / ..-. . .- ... - .. -. --. / .-- .. .-.. .-.. / -... . --. .. -. / .- - / ----. ---... ----- ----- / .--. -- ---... / ... - --- .--. / - --- .- ... - .. -. --. / .- - / .---- ----- ---... ----- ----- / .--. -- / - .. .-.. .-.. / ..--.. ---... / ... - --- .--. / -- ..- -.-. .... / -... --- --- --.. . / .- -. -.. / ..-. ..- -. / - --- / -... . / .... .- -.. ---... / ... - --- .--. / .- ... / .- .-.. .-- .- -.-- ... / --. --- / - --- / -.-- --- ..- .-. / ..-. .- -- .. .-.. .. . ... / - --- / . .- - / - .... . -. / -.-. --- -- . / - --- / .--. ..- -.. / - --- / -.. .. -. . ---... / ... - --- .--. / . -. -.. / - .-. .- -. ... -- .. ... ... .. --- -. ---... / ... - --- .--.

Translation from Morse CodeCollapse )
Saturday, March 5th, 2005
6:15 am
ok should be back in st louis area late sunday early monday. i have gotten conformation for my job. i think it's going to seem a lot smaller when i go back. on a brighter note i just saw a documentery on the modern hobo. its almost enough to make me want to hop a train and see the rest of the country, almost. hobo's have a very neat culture.

Current Mood: artistic
Thursday, March 3rd, 2005
10:24 pm
ok, just told mike i was moving. well more to the point mike just found out after donna told him when we were figuring out rent today (i had mine thankfully) . i realy ment to tell him myself today, but he's been under so much stress lately i couldn't stand to give him any more to compund him problems.
In any event he stormed out of the appartment very upset ( can't say i blame him). so were 110 behind on the rent donna's check was 100 less than she thought, and even with the mystery money that was deposited on mikes behalf were short. i can pay the rest when my taxes come in tomarrow but we already sent the check and told bob ( our landlord ) to wait 4 days to cash it, and thats tommarow morning before my money comes in. so were skrewed. I await mike's return and inevitable argument, and possible beating. sometimes i hate being so passive. i have found my respect for mike is quickly turning into fear, ever sence the fight when he got angery with me over a game of risk and threstened me violently, i've been seeing him a bodily threat if i get into an argument with him so i realy havent been able ( psycologicaly) to disagree to forcefuly, contradict him, or even bring up anything that i think would anger him, that sucks. I wish i had more of a spine i might be able to stand up to him and tell him what i think sometimes, i used to be able to do that, i find that i would rather remain silent and aviod a possibly violent confrontation , than tell him what i'm thinking. i hate this feeling.

Current Mood: intimidated
Tuesday, March 1st, 2005
6:39 pm
life in chi-town good, feeling bad
well, for those who don't know yet i have moved to chicgo. a most wonderful city indeed. for the first time in my life i dont need to depend on a car to get around, how wonderful is that. i can go out and be apart of a much larger society than ever before, and i have never been more lonely. i don't know anyone here,and i find that i dont want to know anyone here, i already have plenty of friends in st. louis that i love very much. i have been hesetent to find a job here not for the lack of them, i have been offered several jobs sence i've been here, but i konw that if i take a job here i wont leave for a very long time.

My original purpose for coming here was to help a friend make an importent transition in his life, and see some things that i've never seen before. well i've done that. mike's well adjusted in college now and donna has a job, so these kids can get along here without me now. they both know how to get around the city with confedence. and mike meet's new people everyday so he won't be so alone in a big city. i hope i'm not just tring to justify this to myself, so i can do what i know is the best move for me , and screwover a good friend in the process.

well i'm moving back to good old ST louis. prepare the fatted calf your prodigal son returns!!!!

Mr. pemberton i expect you to join me for steak when i get back, and scott you will be expected to have a pint or two as i recount my fantastic adventures in " The Folly Of Chi-town" the lastest chapter in the failures of my life. oh and Mr nickel i hope to join you for tea in a fortnight.

respectfully yours Pudicus Maximus archduke and dictator of beefwellingtonhamptonshire B.A., M.D.,Ph.D.,esq

Current Mood: drained
Wednesday, November 24th, 2004
3:28 am
ok this years thanksgiving will be at my friend Rona's house. the directions are as follows

i70 to ofallon exit in ofallon go to hiway K from k make a right onto Fiese rd then a righ onto anabrook park dr and the number is 1037, again the address is 1037 anabrook park dr.. the house is on the right 2 houses before construction trailers. i will probably put baloons or a sign or a dead body out front so people can see the place.

every one is invited and i expect a very large crowd so please bring friends too as many as possible, and if you go to annas party instead i will never love you again. the main course will be served at 9pm, you may comes earlyer like 7 or 8 if you like , i will be serving many appitizers,oh and enough booze to kill a small village( open bar ).

Schmoo sara if you can please call me or andrew so you can get to ronas early and help polich silver and help if you want, oh and rona wants you to make deviled egges.

oh and if you have trouble getting to the [place here is the number for better directions 636 240 8650

as always go to your family to eat then come to me to dine and make merry!

Current Mood: giggly
Friday, September 24th, 2004
12:49 pm
well, it's my birthday today,. i'm working till 11 or 20 tonight, so i can't come out and play, however it would do this old pirate some good to see his bar filled with nothing but his friends tonight, hell i'd even pay for the drinks if we can fill the bar will people like scott,billy,and the phils. we'll show this town we can have a bit of class. and with everyone there it wont even seem like work for me. so if you have the time tonight come on down to sasi thai bistro, and we will get it started in here.
god i cant believe i just typed that.
Thursday, September 23rd, 2004
6:42 am
WOOT! i'm back bitches., hi to everyone, please excuse my misspellings, i can see what i'm typing, because i'm on andy's machine. i thought it was time for my annual post anyway. life is good, i have a steady job as a bartender, hopefully management soon, i go to school again to my delight i haven't gotten any dumber since i stopped going years ago. oh and i get to speed time with my friends too. what more could a guy ask for ( except a humanity destroying retro virus). between work and school i'm at andy's house most of the time , going back to my house only as much as is absolutely necessary. oh yea who is planing on going to arcon this year, and if you are would you like someone to split your hotel room costs with? i dont bite i promise.

Current Mood: cheerful
Thursday, May 1st, 2003
7:34 am
well i'm going home today most likely. without cody. bah! i thought 6 years ago that the ruinists would be together for the rest of my life. how gulable am i? i think that my apt is hopelessly in the hole. i'm sorry mike that i let you down. this was not my how i planned events to happen. i didn't want to spend 3 weeks in fucking kansas. i got stuck here. i didn't want to lose my job. i didn't want to grow up, but i have and it sucks. every thing sucks. wow lj dose make it easy to bitvh about your life. well with any luck i'll be in st louis late tonight. and i can start rebuilding my life.
where are you scott i need a friend to talk to?

Current Mood: crushed
Monday, April 28th, 2003
7:52 pm
OH, No i am stuck in bleeding kansas, wo i am ruptured.
Thursday, March 21st, 2002
3:55 pm
went to work today,made money, came home. not a very interesting day but im honest,
i work at an irish pub, serving drinks and food. its not to bad of a gig but it could be better i guess, made about 50 in tips today, didn't fuck up the orders to badly so i sapose im doing ok. billy and schmoo are comming down from texas this week, realy looking forward to seeing them again. hope i can earn enough money to have soom fun with them. ( damn im getting old, i can remember when i could care less if i had money or not now i acualy worry about it. ether im maturing or loseing my ideals, maybe both.

Current Mood: satisfied
1:26 am
by popular demand I now have a livejournal, i hate to buckle under peer pressure but it happens. all of my friends have a journal so to keep up on every one without feeling like a vouyer i feel obligated to keep one these things. So bear with we im not a very good writer nor am i very interesting, but stay tuned i could get interesting

Current Mood: content
Monday, August 6th, 2001
4:44 pm
I hate jumping on the bandwagon again but like outis and divinus I to would like to know about any negative things aspects about me that anyone has noticed. if so I would like your suggestions on how I would go about changing these.

Current Mood: curious
Tuesday, July 31st, 2001
10:51 am
well I guess I should put my two since in on the beginning of ruinism.
Hmm.. for me it started when I went to rocky horror for the first time back in 96 with pixie a close friend, first she took me to the garage ( a local underground organization) where I got drunk for the first time ( a bottle of sangria and 6 wine coolers ) when everyone was ready to see the movie I got stuck in the back seat of a car with a very drunken Chris who I had not meet yet, but had seen around in school. I had a little trouble getting home after the move ( which was not as good as I had heard but keep going back to this day) because a friend of pixies would not give Chris ( who I had gotten to know over the course of the evening and now considered a friend) and I a ride back to the garage because Chris had bitten someone, I latter learned. I did not see him much until later that year when he joined chess club which I was the president of. we talked and played chess and discussed our views of humanity which turned out to be pretty similar
which is strange because most people don't dream of the destruction of the human race. I also met Cody, Phil,Billy, Scott, and Phil through chess club. I started to hang out at Chris' house more and more until after I graduated I moved into his house. we lived worked and played together until our minds sorta melded together ( it was at this point that I think it was possible for us to become a viable communism) and we could tell what each other was thinking without speaking ( much like an old married couple).
we had breaks from Chris' family were we networked like mad with Andy,schmoo, and terra ( then Dave ), and others. We were content with our lot in life until the crystal cracked, and RC1 burned, we moved in with Andy for 9 months while we found a place to live ( thanks pat and Wally for putting up with us I know it was not easy to do, and thanks to Andy for sharing his space with us you are a good friend and commie). we then moved to RC3 a place that I think we all got a taste of what it's like to live on our own with out parental control of any kind. we had a lot of fun and fighting there, but it was there that Kay and Tim really became part of our family, which I am very grateful for.
then our lease ran out and we founded RC4 and here we are.
MY GOD!!! was that really all one sentence. I know I'm leaving out a bunch of details, so I guess this will have to be a very condensed version of events.

Current Mood: nostalgic
Monday, July 30th, 2001
12:59 am
sadly I see that some of the bickering on LJ has not ended, I feel that while Andy's post is logical to the extreme it still is likely to anger people( I was tempted to get a little peeved until I thought about it a bit, and decided Andy could not help if he is not a diplomat) if we could edify each other instead of this petty bickering I think we could make a commune that would make the world quake with fear.
by the way Andy I was the first to get a job at rc4 and will be able to contribute my share and help others soon enough. I don't think that what I have been doing was resting on my position as a ruinist and expecting others to provide for me. I was hoping my friends could help me out while I get back on my feet, that is one thing a commune is good for helping those in need ( I not force people to help but I thank those who have whole heartedly) in the future I hope that Andy as correct as he is will be able to phrase his comments in a more friendly manner ( love ya anadis).

Current Mood: contemplative
Sunday, July 29th, 2001
5:54 am
in response to divinus's post on personality disorders
paraniod: low
schiziod: low
schizotypal: very high
antisocial: high
histrionic: high
narcissistic: low
avoident: high
obsessive-compulsive: low

frankly I would be scared if i thought these people had a good test or had i not scored more "sane" than my friends

Current Mood: chipper
4:18 am
belated hello all, I feel that in the time I have not been on LJ a war has been waged in the name of stupidity. those of us in RC are pig-headed and will not receive information even if it is helpful, if it is the from of a totalitarianistic manifesto that insults our chosen lifestyle. I have just recently read every bodies LJ concerning this war, I have not laughed this hard in ages nor have I been this saddened. we live with each other because we love and respect each other as living thinking beings, not so we can tear each other apart, however it has made me chuckle reading all the bickering.
a lot of people have hurt each other over this snafu (if you will). I think it would be helpful if Andrew in the future would impart good ideas to the whole group instead of ( no offence to kaly so don't get made cause you know its true) have a person that dose not convey information or ideas to others will objectivity, or very well in general ( I still love ya kaly). well I think that this whole post is stale anyway because everyone is ok again, I just hope that we never fight like this again.
I would like to say thanks te everyone for coming to the defense of the commune though, it makes me feel good to know that so many care about the well being of the commune. both sides express concern just in different ways, and I am confident that if we learn to use such passion together instead of agent each other we could reach an age of utopian grandeur, or just live like interesting people.

Current Mood: accomplished
Saturday, June 16th, 2001
3:08 am
hello all, about ready to move everthing should be good to go (I hope). sorry about the lack of posts, will try to keep up at the new place

Current Mood: anxious
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